Providing personalized branding + digital identity solutions, 
​locally and virtually, for individuals & organizations.

Through almost a decade of working with clients across a diverse array of industries, I have found that each project is truly unique. Like multi-dimensional puzzles just waiting to be pieced together. The solutions for an educational institution are leagues apart from that of a children’s museum. An independent bookstore and an up-and-coming lifestyle blog require completely different creative approaches. It is my goal to connect with you and your business and work with you to express where it is you would most like to go. Let’s take this exciting journey together.

Chad has brought new life and innovation to our business. He is so quick coming up with solutions for whatever our needs are, that we have a phrase we use when he’s not here: ‘What would Chad do?’ There is no doubt in our minds that Chad has helped us raise not only the image of our business but definitely the sales too! He is an integral asset to our management team.

​- Cynthia Fernandes & Paul Fridlund,
​Owners of Pilgrim’s Way Community Bookstore & Secret Garden​

Some esoteric
​business thoughts

My work philosophy can be broken down into five core elements: the Power of Pretty, the Power of Play, the Power of Presence, the Power of Purpose, and the Power of Perspective. Each one is a distinctive dimension that, when honored and honed, opens us to both understanding and being understood. When they all come together, the true magic happens. Explore each of the individual “powers” below.

​Going way beyond a matter of aesthetics. Pretty is about finding harmony in seemingly discordant aspects. And, everything comes across better when it is beautiful.

​They say that laughter is the best medicine. That is just as true in work. When injecting an element of levity into even the heaviest & most complex issues, solutions make themselves known.

​We live in a world that moves fast and is constantly changing. We are more plugged in than ever and yet we can also feel alone. Slowing down and being in the moment lends itself to a clearer connection with ourselves, our ideas and (just as importantly) with others.

​Sometimes, all it takes is a slight shift in how you look at things for the next steps to be revealed. By putting ourselves into the shoes of others, by tilting our viewpoint, or by being open and vulnerable, we can harness our humanity.

​When we can refine our ideas & motivations to our own core objectives and values, everything becomes much simpler.