Hey, there! Chad B. Freeman, here. It is nice to e-meet you!

An explorer and student of life, who hails from the “state of spuds” (Idaho), with a penchant for focusing on the Power of P’s. I have found myself based in Monterey, California for almost a decade after my college years were spent in Southern California, calling the greater Seattle area home for high school, and exploring New England to nurture family roots. As the middle of five boys (none from the same gene pool) with ages spanning 30 years, to call my family eclectic would be an understatement. I have often been referred to as a “kid magnet”, but relate just as easily to the young-at-heart. Thanks to moving around a lot (eight schools, counting college), I made a conscious choice as a child to be the “happy kid”. I realized early on that the best way for people to welcome the new guy was to be as open as possible myself. That has led me to not only be adaptable to new situations, but to thrive in changing environments.

The first job I ever wanted was to be the owner of Archie Comic Publications. A slightly stubborn Aries, I am prone to doing things in my own time, including reading. Dead set on avoiding learning that skill in first grade, it took being introduced to the marvelous visual world of Riverdale and the wholesome friendships that Archie, Betty, Veronica and that gang offered, to sway me. From then on the world of media has been my mental playground. I took to the yellow pages to research where I could find more of those majestic feasts of fantasy. My love of print matured from the funny-pages into magazines – from developing a concept of my own to gaining the skills of design from working in my university’s publications office.

Thanks in large part to my parents’ entrepreneurial spirits, but also because of my education and more traditional work experience, I found my way to freelancing. I discovered comfort in the fast-paced world of developing businesses as well as collaborating with established enterprises, and that pulling a project together with a team is more than a joy, but a necessity. Working for myself has allowed me the flexibility and independence to take on projects wherever they may be. It has also allowed me to nurture the soul-soothing, imagination-igniting activity of travel. From a solo cross-country road trip to journeys through Europe, Australia and Ecuador, I have gained a better understanding of the world at large as well as the difference (and similarities) that people share as humans.

I look forward to hearing your story and helping you share it with the world!